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Past and Present Bomber Jackets

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Not only the hair to the years ‘ 40 and striking lips are some of the salient features of Lana del Rey in the media; its simple style, which has left uncovered a trend that gradually take the streets, is starring in a garment that was reborn since its inception: the bomber jacket. (more…)

Pull & Bear Bomber Jacket

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Does not require you to remember that we are at time of sale, then just go paseado down the street or around any Mall and look for the shop windows covered with a large fabric or a sticker with the word big. What happens is that shops are often so full of people and all so disordered that sloth’s going to look at is immense, so are not has never forget your website, where you will keep seeing it all perfectly computer, without crowds and, above all, no queues.


Bomber’s Star, Jeans Campaign And Lace, Velvet Leggings

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This week the blog has been loaded with clothes that are pure trend in the street style, in the three looks that I am going to show then we can see also premium above all comfort for every day and it is looks very “wearable” and very “chic” yet.

Top 5 Cheap Bomber Jackets for the 2017

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Many years ago the bomber jackets were fashionable, fell into oblivion during a season but have returned to the shop windows and streets with more force than ever before. Warm, comfortable, soft and versatile, the bomber jackets are a safe bet for the winter.