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How to Wear a Denim Shirt

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Denim shirt is a garment that has existed for many years but is it all? Well, we would say. It depends on. Just like when it comes to finding the right denim pants are the same when it comes to denim shirt. It should be tight or oversize, with or without friction? Light or dark? With or without the distinctive details like pockets and buttons? Consider this when you choose jeans shirt:

For a free, rock, creative impressions:
Bet on a shirt in over size modell or a loose fit. Lighter denim, thicker material at the fabric, friction and details like pockets and buttons also provides a free, rock, creative impressions, depending on how it is combined. (more…)

How to Wear a Shirt?

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Knowing well wear a shirt, an easy art to learn!

Everything will depend on the shirt if it is too long, it will be better to wear it tucked in. If you are small, carry out shirt may be more suitable and if you are too corpulent. If you want to convey a serious image, it is better to go in the pants but a pretty belt will be essential (ideally color matched to shoes worn). If by cons, you want a more casual look, wear the shirt outside the trousers is more appropriate.


How to Choose and Wear a White Shirt

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La Chemise blanche Today we will talk about the white shirt basic of menswear that women can incorporate into their wardrobe if you know the aptly associated with other parts.  

Light Blue Shirt Fashion

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As thick as thieves’ is not a phrase meaningless. The blue shirt has always been THE part that we all had in our dressing room. Whether to go to school, to work or even to give a more conformist allure when the situation forces us, they all carried a blue shirt at least once in his life!