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Best Backpack for Back to School

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Going to make you, the return to school is fast approaching. Whether you are planning your school or your children, he began to be time to shop some items to school to avoid being caught with the remaining. One of the most essential things in my opinion still remains a great backpack. It’s the kind of thing which deserves that we’re paying a good price issue not to have to replace it in the middle of the year.

Last year, we decided to buy two good schools for my older kids bags and it was an excellent decision since they are always in good condition and this despite having been in the possession of my two monsters all year. Myself, I dragged my backpack each day to carry my lunch, my Tablet and my laptop and it would never come to the idea to opt for low-quality choices. Not only I hate to throw my money down the drain, but I’d be very afraid of damaging my possessions.


The Backpack, the Best Friend of Man

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The backpack is the must-have accessory of the new collections for men

Three pieces of skin in the form of backpack, Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2014

The Junya Watanabe show last weekend in Paris made the alarm: complement par excellence of his collection was none other than the rucksack, appearing in practically every one of the looks of his models, in the form of maxirinoneras, charged in the hand or snug to your back. Could this be the accessory star next season?


Tips for Choosing a Backpack

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During walks, there is only one option when it comes to getting all the clothes and stuff. Yes, two, if you have someone else carry it for you, but otherwise it’s probably backpack that apply. Longer tours with much packing requires backpack with frame. The backpack gets more charter, and it is easier to fasten […]

Measure Your Torso Backpack

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An ill-fitting backpack not only cause immediate discomfort but potentially leads to problems in the future, as aches and pains, bent backs and awkward shoulders. A properly fitted backpack helps relieve pain associated with badly distributed weight and ill-fitting belts. Get your torso measurement before shopping for a backpack. Your torso measurement helps to determine […]