Swimwear Tory Burch

Tory Burch presents his splendid collection of swimwear for the summer 2012 and just as we noticed looking through the catalogs of other collections of the big brands, the model that is valued is still that of the one-piece swimsuit. Tory Burch obviously enriches exploiting fantasies and vivid color combinations and barazzini, reasons that are also included in the bikini line, both on the triangular models, and on those with cup and under wire and also the inevitable bands. A complete collection but also allows for less eccentric and more sophisticated variants. Let’s take a look together at the swimwear line license plate Tory Burch.

as you anticipate, the line of swimsuits Proexchangerates.com is very varied, feature that we found in different collections of swimsuits this year, from big brands to economic ones, it seems that both the must-have of the season! Toy Burch proposes costumes with geometric patterns in shades of black and white with thin straps and special lacing on the back, models always kept with color cups shaped, underwire and curl proposed, however, even the most daring fantasies and in red and blue tones electrical, or even beautiful costumes from the most chic mood in the shoulder version with ring and logo, one of the characteristics, or curl and lacing in the back. For the lovers of a stipe more jaunty, there are swimsuits in color block or solid in beautiful colors like magenta, and particular variants with the upper end, decorated with geometric prints or patterns painted definitely unique!

The line bikini Tory Burch leaves ample room for triangles, costumes with cups and straps.

Many of the patterns in the collection of swimsuits return adapted into triangles with thin straps and braces for the slip, or triangles with wider straps to tie behind the neck. The beautiful bikini models with underwired cups, proposed either more neutral fantasies and “adult” as the rows in black and white and black squares, both in the most impact versions like the one with red flowers on a blue background. The bandeau costumes all have in any case to which you can tie or not to tie behind the neck, and have a bow at the center of the side which coordinates with hanging ribbons from slip.

In short, there’s something for everyone! You which model you prefer?