Swimwear For The Summer

Without a doubt, the summer is always synonymous with heat, but also for trips to the beach and evenings eternal lying in the sand sea enjoying and admiring the beauty of the women who are there (and their bikinis, of course).

Also, we cannot deny that this time is a good time to show off all the effort in the gym for months, unless it means losing the style. For this reason, here are 9 points to consider before preparing your suitcase bound for the beach…

  1. a polo is the perfect garment to go to the beach.If the day is very hot, it is combined with shorts and flip-flops.
  2. mixing patterns!In pictures gingham shorts look perfect with a solid color shirt. Do not be afraid in pastel colours mixing.
  3. for the beach, use the shorts in solid color, but not subjects at risk for garments with heavy patterns, such as the printedpaisley.
  4. for a casual plan, our advice is to use Chinese type jeans with a light shirt and someboat shoes.
  5. summer means not only bright or warm tones.Dark colors are also a good bet for your garments.
  6. is time to show off your effort in the gym for months, isn’t it?Dare to wear a swimsuit above the knee.
  7. commitment to a monochromatic look.Choose solid colors for your attire, such as red or blue.
  8. if you have a dinner at sea level or at the hotel, don’t forget that a light cotton jacket raises the elegance of any outfit.Our recommendation is that you use it over a dark shirt and contrasts it with jeans or white shorts.
  9. to go to the pool, use a polo-type shirt.If this is in a dark tone, be sure to make the swimsuit in bright colors.

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