Swimsuits for The Beach

NOT all swimsuits are functional for a vacation on the beach. Returning from vacation for a week at the beach I realized that not all bathing suits carrying in my bag were “comfortable” to be in the sea. I give you a few tips which are bathing suits that you can not get to the sea, because they are more apt to be in the pool.

There are swimsuits that have backing or more most you have it well, look well that backing is the mass (Lycra) fabric. That otherwise if your suit bring a cloth cover forget if you entered with the sea, is going to be filled with sand and out of the lining is impossible. You will have to change your outfit since it is not comfortable to bring a parcel with sand in your butt ┬┐truth?.

On the other hand top, never you can think get to the sea with a strapless dress at least have strap on the side of the neck type halter that you can remove and put (like the one shown in the photo). If you go to the sea with a strapless bathing suit and comes a wave, believe me it is not nothing comfortable that you lower the strapless and you have to stay below the sea to accommodate you with your swimsuit apart from uncomfortable is dangerous because in your care that nobody sees you you can get a wave and roll you.

Perhaps you seems not important to know what kind of swimsuit used on the beach, say you thinking about comfort and to know which is which looks better in your body; believe me if you follow my tips to check with Themeparktour, we need to know that bikinis are for hanging out at the sea and which are suitable for an afternoon sun at the pool.

Always purchase your swimwear slightly adjusted, not that you loose since water expands the Lycra and if you’re wearing a loose bikini will be your worst holiday, all time taking care that this bikini in his place. To laziness and uncomfortable right?

So if sales this summer beach holiday you know, Czech your bikinis and choose which used to go to the sea and those who take to the pool and if you still do not have them at the time of purchasing your swimwear make sure that backing is made of Lycra, so avoid sand enters the lining and is a bikini that you can use for both occasions.

To buy their girls bikinis!

By: Fatima Vazquez forest