Sure You Look, Strong Colors for the Summer

This post is dedicated to the men that tend to twist the nose to the palette of summer colours, is usually composed of pastel shades and/or vibrant colors. The look of the week shows that gives to give a foul in that composition of colors and invest in shades dark since the parts are of lightweight fabrics.

Sure You Look, Strong Colors for the Summer

Why does it work?

The combination of the marine with the wine or burgundy is already known crone of winter, it was shown here on Channel Male a few times and despite forming a palette heavy can be used in the summer since that you choose a shirt with organic fabric such as poplin and linen, the pants must be cotton as well thin, as found in some of the type chino or jogger – he can come up with the name cotton empapelado because of its appearance which reminds a little of the paper.

The footwear type to slip on the neutral ensures a few inches of cinnamon the shows and has everything to do with the hottest time of the year, the thin belt of braided leather was cool and gave a touch more to the look, good choice.

Another good idea is to use the shirt tucked, could even risk a fold the more to let the inner part of the elbow free the ventilated.

Try this…

The shirt used in the photo is chess, but a model striped, with micro prints and even plain would also work provided you keep the navy blue as predominant color. Also worth a straw hat with a small flap to protect from the sun and give a touch more “summer” to the final result.

It would not be the same thing if…

The pants were twill, the visual would be more heavy and hot. A shoes high tops it would also be a bad inclusion on hot days.

In short:

  • Combinations of colors typical of the winter can work in the summer, but it is necessary to invest in lightweight fabrics;
  • Colors clear and vibrant and work well on sunny days, but are not required;
  • Fabrics which take cotton and linen are the key to meet the summer;
  • Open footwear such as tennis shoes slip on and boat shoes allow more skin is shown;
  • This also goes for the sleeves rolled up allowing a better ventilation of the body;
  • The plaid shirt is not required, to explore other prints, but keep the navy as the main color.

Additional tips…

To chubby and kids – shirts with thin vertical stripes will elongate the silhouette you favoring. Be careful with shoes that have the nozzle square or overly rounded, this will encortar the legs.

For altões – the cuts on the silhouette are positive for you, if you want to increase the effect, choose a belt more thick and apparent. The large chess is another ally, it makes your body look smaller.