Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent presents his impeccable collection of sunglasses, a line that tends to reward particularly oversized models, as is evident from the Advaita you see beginning of the article. The French brand among other things, interprets the spirit of spring in his way, declining iconic and well-established forms, in the current fashion colors, from red to purple to magenta, but without penalizing the evergreen colors like black and brown that at the end are those who adore fashion victims. This year in which the choice between the big brands is very varied, Yves Saint Laurent also experiences in the field of cat-eye, let us see what were the results.

Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent, the oversized

line of sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent oversized tip of squared patterns of comfortable, all equipped with sun protection and logo on the temples that depending on the model will be more or less wide. The prices for oversize ranging between 225 euro for the model in black acetate, 240 for the version with red frames.

Most distinctive oversize retro mood with square frames, narrow bridge and fantasy maculata (240 euro), also available in classic black, while most eccentric are the multicolor striped patterns printed “panther”, as we read on the official site. Even the rounded shapes are beautiful, proposals with Hockey interspersed with golden insert that adds a chic touch to the model (215 euro).

Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent, the cat eye

As I said, the most specific forms, however, are those of the cat eye Yves Saint Laurent, cat eye glasses in the French fashion house offers both the classic version in black acetate (275 EUR) both in the beautiful tricolor version with frame in black, red and white. The cat eye are proposed mainly in small forms, and in their more rounded variants you will find them in black (199 euro), with tortoise shell print, in the speckled version, and in the beautiful white.

Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent, the 50s shapes

More details are then the models of inspiration retro eyewear, and in particular the ’50s.It ranges from sunglasses with lenses and perfectly round frame, these designed in white, black and speckled (230 euro), and butterfly patterns with polka dot or striped frames, or even in the versions with top edge thicker and proposed to contrast in white or black (299 euro).

A very nice collection and especially, do not you? Which model best represents you?