Summer Is Back to Stripes

With rule and more bevel a pen fine and well stripe after stripe. Without breaking the layout. This summer stripes want to be thin, are left to see, but sometimes try to go unnoticed. The pinstriped becomes minimalist but sometimes choose combinations of colors more eye-catching as this blouse from Euipment that luce Margaret Zhang.

Style sailor just reformuflando your basic fashion top with a skirt pencil game. This set of Lovers & Friends that it looks Christina Caradona serves as example with the Birkenstocks.

The modern version just by pulling the past as happens so many times. The pinstriped just leaving male costumes to play the dismissal with this dress that plays with the address and Lucy B. combined with some Nike Air Force 1.

Stripes and more stripes, well Yes.

Photos | Margaret Zhang, Lucy B, Christina Caradona

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