Suitable Only for Daring. The Yellow Lima Conquers The Streets

Posted by admin on July 3, 2017

Do you dare! Of times that you’ve heard this in the mouth of a friend yours, family member, or simply your voice of consciousness. But it is not easy to go out with a colorful clothing If your personality is that wants to go unnoticed. And less with a so showy color as Green lime. But do not you think ideal in them? Then, dare! And hit the streets demonstrating your self-confidence.

And is that this season will cost you absolutely nothing find items in this color. shirts, dresses or pants, no matter which, but take it. If you are someone that is not very encouraged with a t-shirt will suffice, but if asked you your personality more … hit the streets dressed like the H & M! I love the way (reminds me a bit to the Stella McCartney) and the color is the most.

And H & M also is another version based organza and volume, and shirt style. What do you prefer?

Is a dress a garment that is too risky? Test with a gauzy shirt and combine it with a pair of jeans to take the role (a little).

Although personally, I like the combination of muted colors classics like the black and grey with other most striking as, in this case, the yellow. The result is flattering (at least for me), and not call much attention.

And to finish with this tone, we do so with a Super combination: garish yellow and Mint green. I too much? at first glance, but if you see him well you see that it is perfect and both are swimmingly.

You atreveréis to look like them?

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