Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

Cap in typical Neff fashion. Stylish and unmistakably

What’s her purse for women, which is the men’s ball cap. Caps are popular accessories for men. In the women they are fashionable headgear, especially in the summer, very popular. Caps and hats dress up any outfit – whether sporty or casual. Free to feel and occasion you can choose between many different styles and materials. Cotton, linen or polyester are just some of them. The designs range from simple models in muted colors, to elaborate prints, 3D embroidered logos or leather fire patches.


The Hat is the most popular hat of our time. It is the international flagship of American sports. Originally it was the players on the field as a sunscreen. To date, it is part of the outfit and the most important merchandise articles at all. Since the 70s integrate youth cultural movements like snowboarders, skateboarders or the hip-hop scene, baseball hats in their style repertoire.

Over time, developed from the traditional baseball cap various models:

Fitted Cap: The Fitted Cap is the typical Cap and embodies a piece of the American sports history. It is closed at the back. That is, you can’t adjust the size, but have you buying according to size of the manufacturers switch (in inches or centimeters head circumference). A wide range of wholesale caps but at the same time stylish Fitted Caps in American sports style carries the label New Era.

Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

Snapback / Strapback Cap: These caps consist of six equal-sized panels and belong alongside the Fitted with the most popular headgear worldwide. In every style available, you can combine easily to your individual outfit it with clip or Velcro. Adjustable with a leather strap and a small buckle, the Strapback Cap differs only from the rear view to a snapback.

5 Panel Cap: Do you like rather a plain and flatter shape, the 5 panel cap is just right for you. Inspired by cycling caps, the skater from New York have quickly discovered its functionality and marked as accessories for the scene. 1 panel less and still just as much style.

  • Trucker Cap: The front is mostly made of foam and is often provided with a logo stitch or colorful print. The rear section consists of airy mesh material, thus ensuring natural ventilation on hot days. Previously worn primarily as a free giveaway of truckers and farmers, the Trucker Cap has developed into a stylish everyday accessory.

Flexfit Cap: These caps are mostly “one-size” and fit through a integrated attachment rubber band perfectly your head shape. It’s for a comfortable fit during sporting activities or simply as a convenient sun protection in your spare time.

Bucket Hat: Whether has in the wilderness, on the mountain in the slush session or for sun protection in the relaxing holiday, with the bucket at the campfire you’re prepared for any adventure. If this hat is actually from the Military-outdoor area, it has established itself already as uncomplicated allround headgear. Go out and enjoy nature, Hat with your new bucket.

Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

Fashion Hat: Who’s even come to the hat, will want to miss him as a fashion accessories ever again. Whether Hat of straw, felt or leather, with matching you’re stylish in any situation.


Volcom cap for skateboarders

Whether snowboarders, skateboarders or surfers at the labels Coal, Billabong or LRG you’ll definitely find the right headgear for the next trip. Also to the right headgear to your casual outfit you should not worry and just drop by at Nixon, Volcom or Brixton in Blue Tomato online shop. As fashionable protection from the sun, you’re with a Bucket Hat Globe or a lightweight hat O’Neill fitted perfectly into your next adventure holiday.

Just pick the ball cap, which to you and your style fits perfectly in your Blue Tomato online shop.