Style of Principles of 80s for Boys

Browsing the Web I found these photos in the New York Times and a style has seemed so cool for the guys who I’ve could not resist to show you it. Reminds me of style Nu rave that spoke to us Montag recently, although this is something more elegant. Instead of going at the disco to listen to the Klaxons, This style is more appropriate for go to take a Martini on a terrace of the great city.

It has in common with the Nu rave the range of bright colors (although in the story are limited to red, black, blue and white), the geometric prints (pictures of all sizes and stripes everywhere), and the trainers and the skinny of colors.

On the other hand, in the editorial are forgotten sweatshirts and t-shirts for Add garments more elegant as the hat, necktie, lace-up shoes and leather jacket. Not the guys are cute as well dressed?

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