Style Keys for Shopping: Bet on a Maxi Dress

Draw much attention me the girls who carry in summer maxi dresses, the reason is because I am not a regular user of them. Being short long dresses are not the garment that best I can and when I see a girl with them I feel a little bit of envy. The Maxi dress are perfect for the summer. Fabrics, designs and patterns of each gown make them completely different parts from each other.

Casual long dresses

Long dresses are not exclusively for parties, we find casual style dresses for sport or relaxed occasions. Choose a dress with a simple cut, cotton or soft spot and that is 100% comfortable so that provide you the movement.

  • Dress stripes of Vila, per 32,83 EUR.
  • Grey dress with shirred neckline of Oysho, for 29.99 euros.
  • Black dress shirt type of Topshop, for 23 euros.
  • Bandeau dress of MissSelfridge, 61 euros.

Printed long dresses

A good printed long gown You can solve any look to us. Committed to the maxi dress with floral prints, they are ideal for parties in terraces or gardens, weddings and events of spring. Select discrete add-ins so that the attention focused on the dress.

  • Dress with Ruffles and flowers of MissSelfridge, for 42 euros.
  • Dress with floral print and tie of Mango, for 69 euros.
  • Strapless Orchid print of Ted Baker, per 300,68 EUR.
  • Dress with neck peak and flowers of Zara, by 49,95 EUR.

Maxi dresses for wedding

For evening weddings or lasting all day bet by long dresses in romantic style and pastel colors. With details such as lace or beaded dresses give a plus of elegance to the dress.

  • Long pink nude v-neck dress flowers 3D of MissSelfridge, 72 euros.
  • Pink dress with embroidered tulle of Mango, by 119,99 EUR.
  • Color pastel yellow long dress of Jar it, per 105,04 EUR.
  • Guipure lace maxi dress from Hoss Intropia, for 330 euros.

Dresses maxi for any occasion

A long dress to go to work or look for throughout the day is a different and very flattering option. It is best that you take a smooth dress and simple design to add add-ins that you want and to create multiple looks with the same dress.

  • Dressed in khaki’s TopShop, for 38 euros.
  • Natural linen long dress of Massimo Dutti, for 59.95 euros.
  • Dress with tissue-combination of Bershka, for 39.99 euros.
  • Dressed in purple from H & M, for 39.95 euro.


In Cheryl Cole’s Closet

In Cheryl Cole's Closet