Style Check: a Line Dress For Your Summer Wardrobe of Base

Still I write here about summer fashion for the Office and I’m already running the dress over the way that solves many problems of summer clothes: a purist sliced A line dress. This not only cleverly hidden so many pads on abdomen, waist, butt and thighs, but makes it even bigger. It is suitable, depending on the styling, for a variety of occasions outside of the Office. The following style check describes why the dress as a real basic in the perfect wardrobe for so many Figure types is portable and has also stylistically a lot to offer.

Brownie points for my summer dress

If you agree with several of the following, then you should look for a similar A line dress as shown in the drawing:

“My summer dress should have clear lines and have a unique but understated style statement.”

Check: The green dress is reduced to the bare essentials. Short sleeve, V-neck, slight A-line. A diagonal crease from the neckline to the hem gives structure and provides a clear, straightforward and purist statement.

“My summer dress should be beautiful airy and not too tight to sit.”

Check: Airy as the green dress won’t work (almost). Only the shoulders with the smooth set-in sleeves and the neckline, the rest falls easily flowing in A line to the ground. That leaves plenty of room to breathe the body. Wonderful!

“I like it when summer dresses show too much skin.”

Check: The dress covered the upper arms, shows too much cleavage and is knee length. These details are appropriate not only for Office wear, but also for many other, more formal occasions.

“My summer dress must away cheat a few pounds.”

Check: The dress has several figure-friendly details. The V-neck makes somewhat leaner wider shoulders and a larger chest, is suitable also for a bigger bosom and stretches the upper body. The flat inserted sleeves do not apply at the shoulders. It will appeal to the Y character type . The A-line, which begins below the breast conceals the waist, belly, wide hips and strong thighs in the simplest way. Like the O-figure type, but also the more mature H-figure type, which has put on something on the abdomen and waist. The one or the other woman with A figure or X figure will appreciate this – but with the caveat that the usually slim waist of these character types is no longer visible.

“I am small and would like to participate in summer clothes bigger.”

Check: The diagonal fold, which stretches from the neckline to the hem of the skirt, accentuates the length of the body and makes it bigger. The knee-length of hem shows not too much leg and is still short enough for small women. First of all types benefit from the extensions effects of the diagonal fold. The asymmetrical diagonal, which stretches over the whole torso makes it easier for to distract from the directness of her body H figure types also.

“I want to wear my summer dress on many different occasions – as far as possible to fall”

Check: The dress has the best conditions to be suitable for many occasions and temperatures . The simplicity of the cut and the restrained stylistic statement allow a flexible styling with accessories and make it to the metamorphosis. For everyday office life combine it with pumps or sling-backs, a subtle necklace or ear plugs and a high-quality watch in the style of Mr. A luxurious silk scarf, a multi-row Pearl necklace or a particularly pretty brooch, as well as an elegant bracelet, pumps and – perhaps – a small hat make a nice ensemble for baptisms and other family celebrations of the summer dress. Sandals and a denim jacket or a loose Cardigan style dress for a casual beer garden outfit around. Accompanied with opaque stockings and booties in the same colour as well as a Blazer, a tweed jacket or a sweater coat, the dress until the autumn. Convinced?

Conclusion: The dress is a Basic for many occasions, for almost all the characters, and for all ages. It must be not always white. Consider, for example, A line dress in a subtle dark blue, grey or light beige, which can be in the right place, with shoes and bags in a fashionable two tone style with accessories in Leo – or snakes look, with long, lushly draped chains or large chandeliers spice up with bright colors… the possibilities are endless!

And how do you like this simple dress? How would you combine it?