Stripes Still Have Their Audience. I Will Resist!

Posted by admin on June 19, 2017

We augurabamos that the striped black and white would be the most used trend, taken and appealed for the season spring-summer 2013 and the truth is that yours truly tired until the Sun could deprive me of my coats. And after a few months, it seems that they are still causing furor among bloggers, celebrities and socialite. Although my mind screams that of will resist! the truth is that there are items that chapeau.

Pants, shorts, shirts and blazers. If we know how to combine and how to wear it, the equation It is not so difficult. The problem is that many times we want to innovate and we just exceeding us. If you look at these examples, it is likely that out victorious the battle with the Cabinet.

And although Beetlejuice wore a suit in black and white, I could not help remind you to see the latest look of Leandra Medine on your blog Man Repeller. The truth is that it’s cool, but do you know why? Because it is so, is impossible things with as much unconcern you end up liking.

You would have resisted to the? Battle of streaks?

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