Street Style Boyfriend Jeans

Casual and comfortable is the section of the boyfriend jeans. Here you get a few styling tips.

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans

What distinguishes the boyfriend jeans?

A pair of boyfriend jeans expected, as the name suggests, in such a way as if it came straight from the wardrobe of the loved one. So you sit a little looser on the hip, is not very figure-stressed and in the thigh a little further. Most of them has a distinct Distressed and is turned inside out, finally, the friend is slightly larger. Overall, it is therefore a casual jeans model especially for the comfortable, casual look.

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans 1

Who can wear boyfriend jeans?

The boyfriend jeans concealed by the loose fit easily a few problem areas. So it offers enough legroom for strong thighs. A large Po is laminated in this section. Women with short upper body benefit from the collar, sitting a little lower on the hip. To win added a little length. If you have a rather flat bottom or a small waist, you can cut also wear well: The wide shape of the pants light curves are added cheated.

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans 2

How do I combine boyfriend jeans?

The boyfriend jeans are open to any look. With a translucent, white shirt and a XXL Cardigan making the casual look perfect. Wear with a blouse and a wide belt to remain men’s style. Ideal for the office, the pants combined with a blazer and a chic top.

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans 3

What shoes are suitable for boyfriend jeans?

A pair of absolute classic high heels is to boyfriend jeans. They break the masculine cut sent back on and bring a feminine touch to your outfit. In addition, you straighten the leg, causing it to look for too long, because the loose-fitting jeans tends your character to upset overall somewhat. Also beautiful ballerinas give a ladylike look. Do you want to wear the jeans as casual leisurewear, then of course also like Chucks and sneakers good to aus.und Sneakers well to out. Find more lyrics on

Are there boyfriend jeans of famous brands?

In see boyfriend jeans in different colors, washes and lengths. Well-known brands such as Arizona, B.C. Best Connections, H.I.S, Levi’s (r), s.Oliver, Tom Tailor are clearly part of our range.

Further information:

Washing and color: Destroyed denim, dark denim, Destroyed, Bleached, Washed, blue, gray, black.

Serve with: shoes, T-shirts, accessories, blazer, leather jacket, coats, belts, high heels, pumps, ballerinas, boots.

Boyfriend jeans – casual street style for great looks

Also in 2016 are the so-called boyfriend jeans absolutely trendy. The rugged pants denim are very loose fit and look primarily of casual. Here boyfriend jeans should sit loosely on the hips, so that they reach their full fashion potential. To this end, it makes sense to also, the jeans one size larger to buy and combine them to match the outfit with a modern belt. A Boyfriend jeans looks in combination with sporty sneakers and tight tops best from: The mix of fitted top and continue Boyfriend Jeans is an absolute fashion highlight and above all also wonderfully comfortable. Summery Boyfriend Jeans act in light shades. Conspicuous washes and an elaborate destroyed look emphasize the casual street style addition. Thus, the boyfriend jeans still seem delicate and feminine, they may be combined from light, flowing fabrics with many modern accessories such as scarves and shawls. If you want to venture a failed Stilbruch, boyfriend jeans are worn with flat ballerinas or classic pumps. Additionally, you set a successful contrast with a delicate blouse or top shell.