Stradivarius Spring-Summer

Finally we have the first images from the collection of Stradivarius. Under the name Feel Stradiblue, the campaign slogan of this firm as hand to all, presents the latest trends for the season Spring-Summer 2009. I was looking forward to seeing them, and lamverdad, your clothes have not I disappointed because what he would buy me everything.

Blue becomes color star, not only as far as garments and collections concerns, but also in the new look of the season. Blue and a series of cats paper mache interpreted conceptual and surreal appear as perfect of each one of the allies.

The new collection is distinguished by the sophisticated, young and casual environment where reigns the comfortable clothes but with style. Blouses in silk and viscose, delicate cottons and smooth broad tops, pictures or with different prints.

No doubt, shirts are garment this summer star perfect to combine with jeans in all blue, comes many models of aged aspacto, and leggings. We cannot either forget the shorts, which comes in all colors and styles. Easily combinable garments, which in reality is what we like to get the most out.

The dresses in sheer they are ideal for warm summer evenings, you can combine it in two ways: on the one hand with dancers uns or Roman Sandals if you prefer a casual look, but on the other hand, if you put it with sandals from heel XXL and gaudy earrings, they are perfect to wear at night. For the most romantic, the brand does not forget the subtle floral prints liberties in dresses, combined with raw, roasted and beige garments.

With regard to the jackets, They include jackets, highlights the trench, the short jackets and the mythical cowboy “marlboro”.

And what I say in this jumpsuit, strapless neckline rubber, adaptable in all sizes of breast. I love it! and the color also.

The Add-ins bets for the maxi (long and colorful necklaces, big bracelets) jewellery, carved in natural materials (raffia, embroidery, macramé, wooden pallets). And long scarf colours.

Shoes and bags with details and fringes, many sandals, lace-up shoes and everything with taconazo XXL and wood. And the belts twisted in all colors.

And a curiosity, the theme of his new campaign, Feel Stradiblue, Stradivarius launches subliminal in all its stores of the world a message of environmental awareness: the responsible consumption of natural resources, specifically water. And so he has dressed in blue all its stores through displays on the walls with shocking images of the campaign spring 2009 tacking to blue, in addition to some fantastic pictures of water drops. An artistic apologia which aims to educate its clients in the important thing is the use of water resources. And thus acquire the commitment to helping the Earth to keep its original color.