Store Resurrection: Vintage Fashion Finds

The ability to find fashion finds in his hometown Linares, all his friends, motivated Estefania Bastidas to create Store resurrection, a space where the vintage is synonymous with rescue, resignification and style. We know its history.

The conceptual proposal of store resurrection

“Resurrection comes from my need to rescue valuable parts, which if it had not removed them from the drawer in which were left, would have no other fate as rubbish. Part of my proposal is born under the Act to give a new meaning and understand take a garment in waste is reused. To change managed to give a new story, new stories for a coat or sweater, or why not the portfolio of our grandmother. For me it’s like continuing a story and turn a trip to the past, feel a coat made of wool for example, me back also to other ways of making and see the clothes.”

The criteria that you choose clothing which integrates the resurrection store catalog

“The fixed criteria are those related with the quality and the probability of recovery. ” Many times you will find that it is impossible to repair and I have them. Regarding the rather aesthetic categories, I let myself be carried away by some color, texture, or pattern, and wandering, travel and finally always find what I was looking for. “After this, I gather the material and thus next to the work of photographers, models, makeup artists, make a production that varies according to the proposal”.

The main characteristics that must have a vintage garment into a single object

“I think that clothing vintage itself like recommended on Pharmacylib is a precious and unique object, I think that the fact that can withstand the passage of time, makes winners all. Without a doubt, there are cuts, textures that outperform others, and that’s when my taste one appreciates one thing rather than another.”

The future of shop resurrection

“The future of my shop guess compound by more people, which will help me to restore and reuse so more clothes. Also displaying I installed somewhere in Santiago and Europe, thus creating something like a mini string”.