Stewardship in Clothing

“And he, calling him, said to him: What is this that I hear of thee? Give your stewardship accounts, because you can be my Butler.” Luke 16:2

A few days ago, we published a post with the title “Stewardship in clothing – part 1”. We will close today, with part 2, a reflection about the other 2 aspects of Christian stewardship – the Talent and time.

I wonder what talent and Time has to do with stewardship in clothing?

Selected 4 small fragments of the spirit of Prophecy, to help us in this reflection:

“Speech is a talent. Of all the gifts granted to the human family, no other should be more appreciated than the gift of speech. Must be used to declare the wisdom and the wonderful love of God. So should the treasures of Your wisdom and your grace be communicated. ” Advice on stewardship,

“The force is a talent, and should be used to glorify God. Your body belongs to you. He paid the price of redemption both the body and the soul. … Best we can serve God in the prime of health than the apathy of the disease; Therefore, we should cooperate with God in the care of our body. ” Advice on stewardship,

“The influence is a talent, and is a power for good when penetrates into our work the sacred fire lit by God. The influence of a Holy life is felt in the home as everywhere. The charity practice self-denial and self-sacrifice that mark the life of a man influence for good on those with whom he associates. ” Advice on stewardship,

“There are mothers who spend hours and hours in unnecessary work with your own clothes and those of their children, with the purpose of ostentation, and claim so that they do not have time to read and obtain the necessary information to take care of the health of their children.” Advice on education,

The fragments of texts selected deal with 3 of several talents that should be applied to the work of God-speech, strength and influence. So I ask: our dress has been consistent with our speech? We talk about God and his love, but we dress as the world? To what extent our speech is bound to be a talent used by God because of the way I dress? My clothes the same as my mouth? I have used clothes that work for the preservation of my health, so that my strength may be available to the master? My shoes and my clothes don’t collaborate so much so that my body is in full force? And what influence the way I dress on people? Is that just by looking at me they recognize a servant of the Lord?

Many times, our clothes preaches a different message that we should preach with the lips, and it is not possible to be truly Christian, being inconsistent. Often we’re not ready to say “here I am” when the Lord calls us, because inadequate footwear has compromised the health of our feet, movement of body, column … inadequate clothing, chosen for the wrong reasons, contributes to the development of diseases … and we are constantly prevented from doing what the Lord asks us, as He asks us, because even have the force necessary. It’s subtle, but our wear inappropriate is a factor limiting the advancement of work through us.

And what of our time? How much of it we have employed in reading about the latest fashion trends, search new models and walk through malls trying dozens of clothes? It’s more enjoyable to spend time with these matters than studying the word of God? Clothing, adornment, makeup and shoes occupy your mind more during the day than the truths of heaven? Then something is wrong. Our time belongs to God, and Jesus himself said: “So, don’t worry, saying: […] We’re going to wear? ‘ ” (Matthew 6:31). Why, then, would take so much time thinking about it?

Maybe you’ve never thought of Stewardship that way. Maybe you used to return tithes, and feel that fulfilled your duty to Butler before God. But God wants not only back the tithes, but that we manage with wisdom all he has entrusted to us.

The words of Jesus to us is: “[…] Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful in little; I put on the lot. Come and join in the joy of your Lord. ” (Matthew 25:21).