Springfield, Spring-Summer Collection

The young line of the House Cortefiel, Springfield launches its collection for the Spring-Summer 2009 and he does it turning, obviously, in its target younger, close to the public in his twenties. The Spanish firm had characterized since its inception in formal designs to style your big signature, Cortefiel, but partly modern and more affordable price.

On the other hand, in the latest collections we’ve been seeing how has changed these classic designs by other more informal style Pull & Bear its most immediate competitor in the market of man (Zara is separate ever), options are more extensive in the female: Blanco, Bershka, Mango…

In the new collection Spring-Summer 2009 We return to watch designs most modern signature t-shirts where pop-art designs permeate the front of these in bright colors fluorine such as pink and blue and even mauve.

But there not just the firm since the weather is synonymous of dresses and the more folk style of these is always dominant. In different lengths, both knee-length and before it, and with necklines style dresses strapless with shoulders to the air and large pictures Blue and white.

The Brown also can be seen in dresses, but achieved more are those who combine black and white, This last color in slight diagonal stripes. Especially fresh and very suitable for any summer outing.

The sailor’s style is one that again in the next Spring-Summer 2009 and Springflied echoes this with a dedicated purpose to this line. Navy Blue, white, stripes, all so the sea is present in our closet.

At the same time, the folk style It also has short skirts in beige ruffles that are combined with tops very successful garnets. And the fine wool toreras looking for your website.

In the same way that these styles have their clothes protagonist, the Add-ins folk style are not left aside, with bags of bid size in colors or monochromatic, as the Red passion. The long necklaces they are another option for the Spring-Summer 2009.

Finally he plays combine the day with overnight, and if the first we had more colorful now black is master of the line, with open dressing room in the back, tops and skirts.