Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trend Forecast

Each season, fashion is faced with challenges. Summer brings its brilliance and joy that if transformed into trends – printing.

The summer fashion 2016 promises many trends, but actually people are interested in those which are more usable. That is to say, those parts are  not only concepts, but also totally available for everyone. Or, it is not a fashion far away from ordinary people. Designers design them for use and to make it happen.

How about parts of clothes that facilitate daily fashion to enjoy the summer? For you, the trend is to choose the most suitable definition of yourself and your own dress of your personality. And, we love to know what’s next in fashion, don’t we?

The webpage selects 4 fashion trends of summer 2016 and they are totally usable. We love fashion!

Shirt dress (Chemise)

Many designers bet that this will be displayed on the catwalks. This is considered as a classic and timeless piece. It can be more classical and more chic with lightweight fabrics in summer. It is a dress that can be very versatile for several occasions, work and ride as well as for various types of body, which makes it usable.


A neutral and classic color. Never goes out of style. It can come with a military proposal, safari or suitable for urban areas and traditional  occasions. The walkways outside explored enough that color of dress, shirt, shorts, pants and so on. Choose the piece you want to wear. It is available to choose from a light beige to sandy beige. It’s that kind of color that goes with almost everything. A classic combination is the khaki pant with white. And, it is a charm for men or for women, isn’t it?

Nautical stripes

Sailor stripes make the wardrobe more fun. Something is so simple that is has a classic and chic exuberance. Nautical stripes are seen in blouses, shirts and dresses. The pattern may come from a more elegant or more sports style. This is a textile design worth having. Beautiful for everyone.


Kimono jacket or kimono blouse style is a trend in 2016 summer fashion. The model is like the kimono very much, with focusing on the waist. Usually, a piece overlaps. And, this kind of design is excellent for people who want to disguise the extra pounds (plus size fashion). Not all of people need to disguise something, but, some people want to.

The trends are pretty interesting, aren’t they? Bet on what suits you and what you like. The best fashion is that it makes you look better and fits your own personality.

You also can try something new that you’ve never thought to use. Fashion is also a way to discover new things on yourself. Explore it.