Spring Jackets 2014

Posted by admin on September 13, 2016

Spring jackets can easily sound like the trend but today we thought rather focus on jackets for spring where the material and hue is especially suitable together with a lighter vårpalett. As the classic men’s fashion has the advantage of being fairly timeless, a blazer to be an investment over quite a few years and instead of worrying about your seasonal colors but rather find wearable items and materials that work to the rest of the wardrobe vårplagg.

During the spring and summer opens above all the possibility to lighter shades of jackets. Tones of beige, light gray, brown and green are all easily matched and great addition to the classic dark blue blazers who obviously hang with during the summer.

When it comes to choosing product it is not only the hue that comes into play, but also to a large extent the choice of materials and weaving techniques. For the hottest period of the summer, of course linen hard to beat but a thin wool web is actually in many cases the coolest option for high summer. Another option is to choose a loosely woven fabric that hopsack or Frisco feel huh heavier but transmits heat in a really good way.

Jackets in cotton is often a classical vårprodukt rightly cotton but often have a tendency to be quite compact in the fabric and not always the most cooling option. Sen is still cotton jackets an excellent option in many cases because they often get a lovely structure and fall and do extremely well in bright tones.

If you want the pattern is obvious amounts of interesting, but today we have chosen to focus on solid colored blazers there rather structure may take place.


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