Something Old and a Little of PVC

After watching as the dress of Givenchy What Audrey Hepburn Pike in film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (frankly I like more the original, this title but the film line) will be auctioned off in December with a starting price of 130 thousand dollars,It is no wonder that designers of the likes of Alexander McQueens give rein to his imagination environment to this idea. Exploit that image, PVC + OldGolds

In particular the 3/4 jackets as in plastic material, preferably black and gloss photo they combine perfectly with old pieces of wardrobe, as some worn jeans giving us a look very casual, elegant and fun.

I do not negareis that the image of the dummy is delicious. Elegant, but discreet, modern but Classic. Interpolation of adjectives, Alexander has been quick to take advantage of pull that Christmas will again be the wonderful Audrey Hepburn image. I am sure that they restored the film on TV this Christmas.