Some Good Resolutions to Begin the Year on the Right Foot!

It seems cliché, but at the beginning of the year many people resolve to give a chacoalhada in the doldrums and take action to improve your way of being or the way that leads to life, thinking about it parted some suggestions as to how to start the year with good resolutions in mind:

Some Good Resolutions to Begin the Year on the Right Foot

Place order in the wardrobe

Give, finally, an end (read donation) to those clothes that you swear that you will still get use, but are picking up mold from the carnival past, identify the parts that are lacking, be aware of that don’t need to buy for a good time, organize drawers and hangers.

Make a list of clothes you really need

In the topic above I talked about identifying the parts that were missing in your wardrobe and this was for a good reason, after all how much you spend on clothes which will not wear or that you already have in excess? Having a good idea of what is in your repertoire and how much is still needed so that it reaches your ideal you will spend a lot less and will wear better.

Be more organized

We have already talked of his wardrobe, but that goes for all the rest, because it is very possible that you have a lot of tools in your computer or smartphone that can help you be more organized and even uses. Now, start to mark your appointments in the calendar, instead of doodling in a corner, organize your ideas, make notes, stop to fill your wallet with papers with phone numbers, passwords and shopping lists! If you do not come in technology, buy a calendar cool, and think seriously a beautiful leather bag to vent your hands and your pockets.

Start that diet, if you think necessary, but be careful…

Everyone starts the year vowing to go on a diet, whether it’s needed or not, it seems that it is a kind of frenzy that takes account of the human being, on the 31st day of December. But before you leave by cutting carbohydrates, eating a cubie of cheese every six hours or committing to take soup chayote every Tuesday, see a doctor and find out if this kind of attitude can harm your health.

Invest in a healthier life

That such regular a little chocolate and try to eat more fruit? I know that his mother speaks this for years, but never forward and that is exactly why I’m reinforcing: you are not a child anymore, think of your health and invest in eating more healthy. The beginning of the year is also a good time to start exercising more, you do not need to be exactly in the gym, any physical activity is already well coming.

The chivalry is not dead

Some time ago we published in our fanpage on facebook an image that spoke about the principles of chivalry and how a real man takes them seriously. That such pass the list to find out if you are on the correct path?

– Say “please” and “thank you”;
– Work hard;
– Has good manners;
– Offer your seat to a lady;
– Not pragueje;
– Press the hand firmly;
– Keep your word;
– Respect the older;
– Always make eye contact;
– Open the doors to other people;
– Keep good posture;
– Take care of appearance;
– To act with chivalry;
– Read a lot of books;
– Be romantic;
– Love intensely;
– Stay away from gossip;
– Be punctual;
– Stay humble.

May seem a little bit retro, but in truth are principles that are timeless that everyone should adopt!

Have a good year!