Snow Shoes

The winter is coming and to be able to continue enjoying our breaks contact to nature, we should bear in mind that a simple stroll in these wintry conditions, could become a struggle and an unnecessary effort, if we do not take our rackets. It is the form more easily and efficiently, to advance in the Virgin snow, leaving our mark and covering new sensations, while us sink.

Snow Shoes

Thousands of years ago, nomadic tribes (central Asia) used rackets to be able to scroll in the snow. Later, the colonists of North America discovered that local Indians, already used snowshoes, in their daily lives. It is there, where they reached its greater use and development, just by changing the design of rackets until today.

To choose your snowshoeing, depending on what is our weight, we will choose a small sieve or sieve large (WaSP waist) racket. Small sieveracket, would be appropriate for people from 40 kg to 80 kg. And on the other hand, practitioners from 60kg to 120kg, should choose large sieve, for greater buoyancy rackets.

Usually fixing racket, is composed of a front tooth, 6 or 8 crampons and there are some models with side grips. All this gives us an optimal grip in the lumpy or hard snow. But under no circumstances can replace a crampon, where there is ice.Therefore they are not suitable for mountaineering and glacier terrain.

On the other hand, if we take walks in plain, we advise rackets as the INUIT 400 or 450 INUIT, who have no rising rise for a ride.

Inuit 400 snowshoeing

If we enjoy rides and not very steep slopes, it would be enough with a few rackets of two positions (flat and rise upward heel).As the racket INUIT TSL 206, 500, 305 TSL , TSL 226 and TSL 325.

Snowshoeing Inuit 500 and TSL

And if we like to enjoy more pending, it would be advisable to buy snowshoes with UP& DOWN SYSTEM. As we can see in the image from JUSTINSHOES, this system allows us to sink the heel in the snow, during the descent.

To safely enjoy rackets, we must bear in mind that winter mountain has many more dangers than the summer. Therefore, before beginning our activity it is necessary to have some minimal knowledge of snow, meteorological and orientation.

After having optimal weather conditions and our snowshoe, we can start to practice. For this purpose, ideal to start sites in this sport, could be the circuits prepared specifically for snowshoeing in vicinity of skiing resorts.

For example, the station hospital in Benasque Plains, Belagua (Roncalia) cross-country tracks and the tracks of Somport.

To finish commenting, that when we acquire enough knowledge, you can enjoy many more routes or ascents to the wildness of nature.