Skirts for Different Body Types

Trends autumn winter: only true protagonist. Discover the model suits your forms

Wear the skirt means finding the strength to get in the game and to win their own insecurities, rather than a mere desire to follow fashion.

On the other hand as Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach used to say “just fashion becomes of all, fashion has already passed” so we should have an eye for new trends and make them their trying to adapt them to our style and our way of being, without exaggeration and without wearing something we didn’t tune.

The skirt has been the protagonist of fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

Aware that no woman should renounce going now will try to figure out what the trend model right for you.

If I wanted to follow some trends in mini skirts from the parade of Dolce Gabbana and get some inspiration and!

As you may have noticed your favourite models are those 1960s curved and slightly flared and pleated to A.

If the mini was very voluminous and high waist not because of folds and material, wearing the top blouse/shirt adherent to balance the look.

If it were a model for A high-waisted, like the one in the picture, take a cue from the look of Dolce Gabbana belt and wear it with a valuable and life.

Chanel and Emilio Pucci for autumn winter collection have dusted off pleated skirts and those adherents to wear long boots and opaque as if they were the real tights.

But for us mere mortals that precautions you should take when you wear a miniskirt?

First you need to always remember to be discovered, so beware of bold movements especially in the workplace.

Without lead to moralizing that preclude women of a certain age to wear the miniskirt we recommend relying only on your common sense and assess from time to time if wearing a miniskirt.

Remember that miniskirts members hug and accentuate your curves and especially the b-side, while if I wanted a little camouflage the hips area you should opt for a pleated style of a soft material.

If you like the miniskirt, but would you not give too conspicuous pair with opaque black tights and super flat shoes.

Great choice, would be to opt for a loafer.

Another model must have of the season is the Grace Kelly style skirt.

As the skirt the skirt highlights the waist.

In addition to the romantic and retro many women love it because they consider it to be an excellent ally to draw attention away from the hips and camouflage with its folds the roundness.

Tall women can also wear it with flats, while those of medium height, we recommend a medium heel platform Court shoe with pointed or simple.

They come back into favor the wrap skirts and those non-adherent to medium length tube.

Are designated to go to the Office and are suitable for all kinds of body if not too tight on the b side and abdomen.

If I wanted to wear them casually in everyday life you may follow trends and match them to pull over size maxi or felpone.

Winning mix on the runway is what pulls up to stretch the seeds over size.

Another model to aim for is the pencil skirt.

Or that skirt that follows the curves of the silhouette.

Preferred length on the catwalk is the one that gets to the knee (or even until the middle of the calf) a model 50 ‘ 40 and ‘ picked up (think of the beautiful Sophia Loren).

Inspired by the look of Balanciaga, we analyze together the pros and cons of the pencil skirt.

First of all the models of trend this fall winter are those with a high waist long at least to the knee.

This kind of skirt emphasizes the waist and diverts attention from the hips, while highlighting the shapes.

Given the length it must always wear it with a heel that is able to slanciarci and if we weren’t particularly high small slits could help slim the figure.

To focus attention on the life he wears a thick belt or opt for a model with elastic waistband.

It would be best to opt for a model for shorter bassine above the knee.


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