Shorts + High Boots for The Spring? They Note That It’s Festival Time

We are in the season of music festivals and many trends that are beginning to see only understood in this context that seems to transform some locker room as if they had to change their style when it comes to leaving festi. There is a style that does not fail in an appointment as well, gives equal the season of the year that is. There you will see a shorts with high boots. It is cyclic.

Boots and shorts, but high, not booties or boots ankle boots. Neither sport boot. Boots which in some cases are musketeer and higher still. See it in this look of Joan Small to H & M. Cowboy next boots wide in the leg with a vest with metallic applications.

This style like the singers. Rihanna He acted in this manner in his last concert. Towering boots along with a few hot pants and transparencies.

If we remember the set of Beyonce Knowles the idea was similar for the promotion of the Super Bowl this year. Coincidence?

It is clear that this combination has his audience and a great success. On the part of Urban Outfitters they prefer something more modern. Are his land the trend and add one of those ugly boots with several centimetres of rubber platform.

From Mango, we are left with white and tiny shorts next to booties more restraint. Now, for the spring better forget those socks.

In terms of combinations of shorts for a festi I’m more with the idea of Alessandra Ambrosio. In short shorts but combined with sneakers. Both clone of the Isabel Marant Willow will yield.