Short Party Dresses with Fringes

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No is easy to find the perfect dress for a party or special event. But luckily there is a variety of trends and designs dresses for party. A design that does not go out of fashion with the passage of time are the fringe. The fringes are elegant, sophisticated, fun and youth and provide movement to the outfit. So then I’ll give you some images of dresses of fringed for party:

1 dress with black fringe:

There are different ways to wear them the fringe, one of them is on the side of the skirt of the dress. Whether long or short, it provides a distinct and attractive to your total look Nick. You can even transform a simple dress black color, in a modern and elegant dress.

2 dress with fringed silvery color:

The fringes are modern, original and fun, but it can also be elegant and classic. As the model of dress that actress Amy Adams wore at the Oscars. As it is a classic dress but with an extra glamour escape, it is a very good option to look radiant.

3 dress with fringed white:

Dresses in neutral tones look super good with bangs, this is thanks to provide the modern touch and transform to any simple dress in one elegant. Whether to go to a party or for an everyday look, fringed dresses on details will give you a super outfit.

  1. dress fringed in black and white:

The fringe look extraordinary in two colors. As the dresses in two colors are a dramatic trend. So we encourage you to combine intense colours or choose by the classic combination in black and white that makes always look fabulous.

5 dress fringed metallic:

Today the metallic colours are fashionable, and look very good in dresses with fringes, as this short dress in silver Pike the actress Sarah Jessica Parker. The good thing is that silver-colored dresses are easy to combine and look super good in all skin types.

6 dress fringed in blue:

If you choose for a short dress with fringes and strapless, it is best that you animes to wear bright and intense colors that give you an original and attractive to the total look touch. As the model of dress with strapless sexy that I put the evening dresses from

  1. dress fringed in gold:

And finally I show in the image the singer Selena Gomez with a short dress fringed in gold color. Because this dress with fringe also carries transparencies which makes it very sexy and beautiful at the same time.

See do you like the fringed dresses? We encourage you to this trend and looks elegant, sexy, original and modern with a spectacular look.

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