Shopping Guide Summer 06

We continue with suggestions for shopping this summer. On this occasion we remind you the four strongest trends that we have seen on the catwalks throughout the year. But we do it from the point of view of the garments. But of the colors, patterns and shades that the most prestigious designers have chosen for us.

Enjoy it.Let’s start with stripes, anthropologically speaking, the way most ancient of our clothing decoration clothing. Clear base and strong and even acidic colors for stripes. In matters of decoration we decantaremos more for the Multicolor oval designs and a very youthful appearance. For add-ins that you caught us attention are the two color sets together with multicoloured printed stripes. Multirayas bi-color jackets how we already present previously in Jezebel and horizontal stripes in basic colors for t-shirts. Unequal stripes swimwear and multicolored also for them, along with towels that follow the same fashion. This year the beach will be an explosion of colors. Pants for them with the same style as the boys jackets.

Black and white. A safe bet. If you use these colors and these tanned, you’ve got many points. Complements of animal prints. Decoration style PopArt, but on minimalist colors and geometric prints, They mark the trends of these two familiar colors. Youth and geometric designs printed for a very casual look, and evening suits sheer combining colors and jeans with black jackets and white t-shirt for them.Electric colors. No doubt this is his year. All the houses, all runways have used them in greater or lesser extent. Blue, roses, yellow and orange. Strength and forcefulness when carrying them and a bit of face. Simple but powerful. They are typical items that sell a concept clear. “I am here” y “look at me”. Chinese aggressive colors, accessories in strong shades, combined with metal inserts. Classic garments have been reedited in electric colors. And even makeup in extremely strong shades. Anything goes this summer to attract the desired attention.

Stampings. they are another strong gateways contribution. From the style more youth to the classic geometric, passing through the already-forgotten styles of PopArt prints. Classical, electric, or bi colors presents our new acquisitions of this season. Up to jewels and bijoux wash face and incorporate many e elements of color to give a touch of freshness and generosity.

Now is the turn to us, get beautiful and handsome. Take a little nose to life and eat you summer.