Shoes with Skull on the Sole

Tracy Reeve manages to combine glamor and sophistication with a generous dose of creativity as she draws skulls to the soles of her shoes.

The custom skull shoes on the sole were created by Tracy Reeve, American stylist and designer who lives in San Diego California.A talented artist who began her career working for Bell Helmets, SkullCandy and Quiksilver, she innovated by applying her expertise in fine arts to creating shoes that feature custom designs on the sole with a touch of extravagance.

Tracy has recently launched the line of designer shoes that carries the Taylor Says brand.The highlight of this new modality is the colored sole and the bold designs and at the same time full of glamor.

Heeled shoes with skull on the sole

Whoever says that his inspiration would have been the great French designer Louboutin who put the red color on the sole of his designer shoes, created a distinctive shape that characterized his brand.High-heeled shoes with skull on the sole can be found in the most varied styles and models and in the most varied colors.What predominates is the art in graphite that is identified with the street culture and pop art.

The collection has been presented as works of art in the form of shoes in the models, Platform Pumps and Heel Sandal.Glitter and glitter are striking features and the incomparable skulls on the soles are prominent that do not go unnoticed.

For women who do not make a point of traditionalism and are more daring, the quest for the unusual ends when you know the shoes of the Taylor Says line that will surely respond to the same cravings of the most demanding.

Low shoes with skull on the sole

Low-heeled or low-heeled shoes with skull on the sole simply do not exist, but after so much rebuke, Reeve began to customize Vans slip-on models, so the skulls that were on the sole of the shoes now won the top of the Shoes as well.

The fashionable skull came with everything and fell in the women’s taste, so much that the fashion continues with full force, being one of the darlings of many fashionistas.

The shoes with skull sole are not yet for sale in Brazil, but it is possible to purchase exclusive models on the website of Etsy, the prices vary, but most models do not leave for less than R $ 500,00 reais, it is worth mentioning That besides the skull style, Tracy Reeve also draws women, eyes, dogs and is open the most varied suggestions.

At last, the skull-and-bare jump on the sole is intended for a specific audience and is in tune with the Californian Neo-pop trend. That old concept that clothes and accessories of skull are only for rockers was behind, because the skulls that were already symbols of danger, Halloween, among others, today gain fashion connotations and are considered by many as a symbol of life, equality and even Rebirth and are in everything that is fashion, now also in the soles of shoes.