Shoes That Hurt the Feet

Some models of shoes hurt and many feet, so it is important to find the model that will best fit with you.

Buying shoes is not a task as simple as we think, when we go to the store to buy generally what motivates us is the beauty of so many models, we are enchanted in the face of so much variety that we forget the main, the comfort and, we only realize the lousy Business that we did when we used the newest model we bought, whether it was during the day for work or at night, the only thing we really wanted was a place to sit and relax our poor little feet.So that you no longer take home a beautiful model, but you tighten your thumb, or crush your little finger, or injure your heel, or take the sole of your foot, here are some tips that can be very useful in Time of purchase:

1-Shoe to be comfortable does not have to be ugly, so look for a model that is beautiful and comfortable, nowadays due to the wide variety of models and brands manufacturers are investing more and more in comfort, may not be the most Wonderful scarpin ‘jumper needle and fine beak, but it sure will not make you limping with pain in your fingers according to computerminus.

2-The best time to buy shoes contrary to what many think is at the end of the day, when your feet are just more swollen and “boring”, so you will take home a model that will not squeeze your feet from morning to night.When buying shoes try it, do not be fooled by the heel, make, model and numbering, try different models, since the numbering often varies from brand to brand, when trying to place both feet of footwear and walk around the store, stay in Walk for a few minutes stop and go back to walk, that way you will clearly have the notion of comfort that the shoe offers.

3-Do not rely on that old salesperson phrase “take this even if it laces later,” because there is no guarantee that the material will give away later, and if that really happens, no one deserves to be afflicted with a tight shoe until it widens.
Now what to do with that wonderful shoe but you can not even think of wearing it that your feet already start to hurt?For this there are some homemade tips that claim to be effective for these cases, check out:

The first tip is to take it to a shoemaker, as many professionals have equipment that can stretch the shoe a little more, another tip is to use moisturizing cream or condition, on the edge of the shoe, where he is catching his foot, but attention does not pass In excess, as some materials may stain like suede, for example, let the product act for a few hours and remove the excess with a dry cloth.

Put bags of water so that they press the place where the shoe tightens your foot, leave them in the freezer or refrigerator until the bags with water turn to ice, just after placing the shoes with the bags of ice at room temperature until Which melt, then follow the shoes.Another tip is to apply water or alcohol on the inside of the shoes, with the help of a damp, clean and damp paper you will tighten the place well, wait for 12 hours and remove the paper, some people usually put their shoes still wet for you to take The “shape” of the foot.

We emphasize that they are just tips and suggestions and that we do not test any of them to prove their effectiveness, you can also choose to buy insoles and modellers that soften the leather and conserve your shoes better, is the main tip, never buy shoes that are tight Or feel some discomfort already when trying it, do not be in a hurry and try to try different models until you reach one that meets all the requirements, your feet will thank you.