Shoes of Revelry

Attention to footwear in time to skip Carnival

The Essay

“Fall of the heel” is much more than a simple metaphor to indicate that particular person. This is one of the most common female complaints in orthopedics clinics, mainly between 18 and 50 years. Right after the Carnival, the number of attendances at women with twists and stress fractures increases.

According to the orthopedic surgeon Lafayette La, Director of the clinic, the Orthotics Lage patients find it very difficult to change the shoe-tipped and heels by models that accommodate better your feet and avoid problems due to prolonged use according to itypetravel.

“The two main villains of female feet are the high heels and the aging. Insist on the use of a footwear that concentrates the body weight on your toes will certainly accelerate the emergence of backache or even stress fractures. Beside the constant impact during the dance, for example, are frequently the twists and drops of platform-soled shoes or even those models that are not stuck in the ankle “.

The doctor points out other problems related to high heels, such as formation of calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, heel bursitis and the shortening of the Achilles tendon. “After making the heels a habit, the person can no longer feel comfortable when wearing a slipper of beach or even a running shoe. This is because the heel prevents the full movement and ends up wasting away the tendon, causing the patient to pass to feel chronic pain in older age “.

The expert is to opt for models that behave well the width of the feet, plus jumps between three and five centimeters. Over the years, it’s worth the person confirming the number of shoes from time to time, since it is common to the feet extend and gain more length.