Shoes in Fall and Winter

The Via Mars proposes a winter well in your new collection. Still, with ranging from 33 to 40, the brand promises to suit all tastes with the variety of models that make up your line.

In sandals, more neutral color – predominate as almond, gray, straw, black and mouse (the brown tone of the moment). A few pairs, more contrasting, in turquoise, pink and purple.

Closed sandals and high heels thin, come with geometric cutouts and buckles. Already the lowest jumps have the chest opened and colored applications. In the anabelas the strong colors, as well as closures, applications, cutouts and moorings according to BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.COM.

The shoes also have several versions. One of them, low heel and rounded, has aged or models in rawhide. In shades of coffee, cappuccino and black, have bonds applications, flowers and buckles and bring pictures that reference the snakeskin. Sand, grey and Burgundy are other shades in sneakers, who also have the traditional readings, most modern doll shoe and fashion.

The peep toes appear in shades of beige, grey, taupe and Navy, with laces and Buckles, both in the chest as the heel.

Wide variety in shoes! Heel earn rounded beaks and applications of tacks, reaffirming the style rock’n ‘ roll and stars, with reference to the visual. The templates are and rawhide and have laces and buckles. The Oxford WINS high heels and thin and appears in versions of leather and varnish.

The boots are the high point of the season and have well differentiated moulds. In the case of the open boots, the color chart brings the red, Burgundy, purple, grape, purple, royal and Navy. With thinner heels and chest open, some reference to sandals. While the closed and thicker heels reminiscent of the boots. Laces, buckles, zippers and geometric cutouts complement the modern modeling proposed by the brand.

The ankle boots have rounded tips and heels and thin. Some pairs have inspiration on military trend-and khaki tones predominate. In General, the parts are afiveladas or have laces.

The longer boots go above the joelhas. Some have retractable base, allowing to decrease the height of the pipe. These models have thin heels, buckles, laces and zipper and are found in raw or treated leather. In the color palette dominated by the Brown and black.

The collection also has options for shorter pipes, but with equally long, thin heels. In this case, there are more rounded tips or options. Laces, buckles and geometric cutouts complete the bold design of the pieces.

There are also riding models, long and medium, and treaty with leather buckles and cowboy moulds, with long or short barrel, always with pointy, slightly rounded tip.

The official site of Via Mars (our site) it is possible to access the complete catalog of the collection, in addition to indicate some specific pair to your friends via email or social networks.

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