Shoes for Brides 2017: Trends

Until some time ago, the dresses and hairstyles of the brides were the main reason for your concern. The shoes, of course, also were carefully chosen; However, it was traditional for the use of classical models, which ended up staying almost imperceptible in the set. Now, to the joy of the most daring women, are appearing among other options very different models and modern. In fact, the focus on shoes that run from classic has appeared for some time. Were not few brides who chose different color models of dresses or with some special detail. To further improve the look feminine, even on their wedding day, the trends in shoes for brides 2013 are full of glamor and daring.

The fashion for brides 2013 will be stuffed full of shoes with sparkles, pedrarias, bows and even spikes. Never-before-seen details such as zippers, transparencies or cords to be tied in the calves will appear in varied colors, ranging from white, pass through the classic nude and end in colors like pink, red, blue, gold or, surprisingly, colorful. Without doubt, trends point to more modern brides, full of charm, glamour and daring according to TOUGHESTFLASHLIGHTS.

Abotinados shoes for brides 2013

Surprising are the models of abotinados shoes for brides, which promise success. White models, but with some outstanding bonds or in income will be high, causing the traditional color earn another aspect. Worth highlighting the burlap shoes, that will leave the clothes and accessories and will go to the feet of brides, giving sophistication and romance to the look. Another trend is the jump too high, but on the basis of half a leg, to give comfort to the woman, as this will remain standing for a long time.

Shoes with glitter and precious stones for brides 2013

Among the trends, are the glitter shoes for brides, which promise to be a female preferences. In different colors, the sparkles will give a special look at the foot, causing the shoes to be noticed in the distance. In addition to these, the precious stones are widely employed as decorations of different models, which can have classic colors or even a mixture of numerous shades.

The models of modern bride shoes make the woman stay even more beautiful on the day of your wedding. Trends will cause the feet of brides are no longer just a detail of the production, becoming part of the show!