Shoes: Fashion Models

In the spring/summer 2011 for the shoes, fashion models are extremely varied. Worth almost everything. The glitter to the platform, with suede and vintage details, with very bright and many details.
Guess, Prada, Miu Miu, D & G, Kenzo, Emilio Pucci, among many other famous, invaded the runways of London, Milan and Paris with a lot of personality, and many colors.

But how to find the perfect shoe or sandal in the midst of so many options?

In one example, the ProMaster chronograph models, chics by nature, will leave you with a fabulous and refined style, and also with many blisters.

In a cold analysis, the stilletos can even be compared to Bad Boys, you know you’re going to be out injured, but I can’t resist … But reserve them only for specific situations, in order not to leave the loser.

So, the best thing is to take advantage of the big trend this year, models with Anabela, or platforms. Both maintains the posture and the high style, and can still be comfortable.

This season, there are several options also in so-called leap style cookie, but these, by the look, should be reserved for the job. Are not refined, nor simple, and sometimes give ares of imbalance. In short, are charismatic, but not convecem.

And how not to mention sneakers. With the glitter on the road with full swing, this might be a good choice in this season. And best of all, you can wear them with anything. Offer no danger, and are suitable for any occasion.

But, as always, we are always in search of “the one”. The one with the perfect color, perfect design, offering comfort, that is, preferably, a good brand, and yet, I get a hit.

With so many models this year, can be now that you find your “shoe Prince”. Check out the pictures below, there may be the “clik”, and can find your perfect match, and still stay fashionable!