Shoes and New Year Traditions

We owe much of our comfortable life to our shoes. A good pair of shoes most of the time is underestimated and it took to give us that they are an essential part is our wardrobe. Even in fairy tales, they tell us incredible stories involving a pair of shoes and how these may change throughout our lives, Cinderella is a clear example.

Today there are rituals of shoes mixed in with our traditions. These are some of the traditions of the footwear that occur in certain parts of the world in the Festival known as new year’s Eve according to SPORTSQNA.COM.

Shoes as a portfolio

Chile has many traditions related to good luck and the arrival of the new year. From food to clothing and accessories, they have a fun with almost all ritual. One of these traditions of good luck is bound up with the shoes, it’s walking with shoes full of money, everyone participates in this tradition from children to adults since they believe that it will attract monetary prosperity throughout the year.

Sincere gifts

The traditions of shoes are also popular among the children of Greece. The innocent creatures leave their new shoes to the Holy St. Basil and believe that you will come and fill their shoes with a precious gift. San Basilio is similar to our version of Father Christmas or Santa Claus with the only difference that St. Basil comes in the new year while Santa Claus arrives at Christmas.

Do not buy shoes

In China, the tradition is to not buy shoes during the first month of the new year. He is considered that it is a wrong way to start the year.

Since you know some of the traditions in 3 different parts of the world, make a new, entertaining tradition or test with any of the already mentioned above and start your new year with a smile. Happy new year!