Seven Out Of Ten Women Do Not Wear Their Size And Bra Cup

Today we want to share with all of you the interview we were given at El Periódico de Catalunya where we talked about the issues surrounding bra sizes and cups that, as experienced professionals in the sector, we check daily.

In our country there is a deep-rooted custom of looking exclusively at size and forgetting the cup (yes, the letter that comes on the labels of the bras) and right here is where we have the problem as we explain in the article.

It is precisely the cup, that is, the letter that measures the difference between our breast contour and our back contour.

And Why Is Cup So Important In A Bra?

Very easy. As we have said, the cup measures the difference between chest contour and back contour and that is extremely important because the bra should do most of the holding force on the back and not on the straps (as most women believe. women). If a bra makes strength in the braces, we load the cervical and in case of a lot of breast, we can even have low back pain, postural problems… Above, if the bra is back width, we climb up exaggeratedly decreasing the fastening and sitting fatal.

For the fastener to hold properly it should fit perfectly to our back contour and, therefore, should be our size and cup .

Another important point is the quality of the bra. Being a garment that must fulfill its aesthetic mission, its main function is to hold so the quality of the fabrics, the garment and its design make it more or less functional. Do not forget!

Another way of explaining the reason for bra cups is that every woman has a different type. There are more square types (cups A, B), with types with a little curves (cups C, D) or women more curvy (cups E, F, G, H…). All may have the same chest contour but the contour of the back (measured below the chest) will vary considerably from one to another.

How To Calculate The Size And Cup Of Bra?

In LoolasUp you have all the information necessary to calculate your size and cup. The only thing that we should warn you is that the size and cup that will result from your measurements that you will enter in the automatic calculator of sizes and cups of bra  is your EUROPEAN SIZE ( different from that of Spain). If you want to know your Spanish size you only have to add 15 to the size that you have left in the calculator.

We hope this information has been useful to you and contact us in Nexticle if you want us to advise you personally on the choice of a perfect bra for you.