See Tips for Betting on the Summer Hit

Dearest of the famous, the accessory must be in the suitcase.

Whether on Instagram, on the streets or in the magazines, the  mirrored glasses  appear as the protagonist of this summer’s looks. Colorful and very fun, they match any skin tone, hair and face shape.

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How to wear mirrored glasses?

To choose a mirrored glasses in the first place, it is important to think about its format. For those who have a wide face, it is interesting to opt for larger and square glasses models; Already for thin faces, the rounds look good. However, in doubt, choose the type “aviator”: democratic, it matches with anyone according to fashionruling.

Colorful Mirrored Eyewear

The selected color should conform to personal taste, although it is important to evaluate the tone of the skin. In the case of brunettes or tans, the orange or pink lenses are accurate. Light skins with cool subtons look beautiful with  blue  or green  lenses . But if indecision again dominates, invest in the silver or gold versions, for they are wild.

Famous with mirrored glasses

Check out the gallery some  celebrities wearing mirrored glasses to get inspired: