Seasonal Job Outerwear

Posted by admin on November 18, 2016

We have dealt with the classic overcoat and overcoat but for those who know that the days of the jacket and suit is easy to count, we have options for a smart casual in casual interpretation. Depending on temperature and climate, there are lots of nice options that keep the style in the winter.

For the very coldest days during the Swedish winter it’s hard to beat a thicker down jacket. Often equipped with goose down and fur collar, a slightly longer model withstand temperatures well below freezing. Certainly the style is rarely specifically tailored but in the right design can be both a functional and stylish alternative in the middle of January.

The next type of jacket is the so-called peacoaten or pea jacket. What characterizes the model is that it is double-breasted, slightly shorter than the classic overcoat and often in a rugged rustic materials. Skipper jacket is a great option as a complement to the more formal long coat and can definitely be worn over the jacket. Depending on the color and material, the model can give a very different impression but the most common is the skipper’s jacket in dark gray wool.

Last up is the least warming model that will perfectly into the milder days and well into spring. When we talk about the recent very popular quilted slapping wire. In a hybrid between a blazer and jacket get here a relaxed but well-dressed appearance with a product that can withstand temperatures down to the freezing point, and that is often provided with a protective inner collar.


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