Schutz Shoes in Winter

With the winter coming many famous shops and beloved are releasing their collections. The Schutz is a store that sells shoes, handbags and several accessories to make your look more sophisticated. They are one of the best shoe on the market and their collections always RIP sighs of chicks. This year has the collection Schutz Fall with more sophisticated shoes and ideal for a powerful woman who loves to dress up.

Schutz Fall Collection

In this collection of Schutz has it all: sandals, boots, pumps, and more to choose from. Not to mention the variety of colors and style. Starting with sandals, there are from Sandals to the highest that you can imagine. The 70 ‘s Heel Sandal Light Wood is made of leather, has opening on the fingers and a good jump altinho, ideal for use with any dress or a skirt. It is available in Brown, white and Navy Blue.

Schutz Sandals Fall 2016

The Block Heel Sandal Winter already is shorter and has a single wide strap straps at the ankle. The style of jump is block and is available in black color, and blue jeans. For the lovers of anabela: Anabela Sneaker is made with various materials and has a jump of only 7 cm. Ideal for occasions in everyday life.

For a ballad also there are several options like the Sexy Sandals Multi Straps that has many thin strips leaving the look more sexy and bold. The shoe still has half a front silver to ensure more comfort. There are many other templates, you can check out all the store closest to the Schutz.

Boots Collection Fall Schutz

This collection back boots of all styles for those who like both snub as tall. For those who like a jump stronger, there’s the boot Medium Jump, Grunge well used in 90 years with tratorado. She is very comfortable and ideal for cold days.

For those who cannot do without a boot longuinha more, has the Maxi Over The Knee Leather Boot that passes the knee ensuring a warmer look. The Cowboy boot Classic Boots Hot is more discreet and has a footprint more country. She has a wide barrel, jump and block typical cutouts. Is available in Brown, black and beige.

The news does not stop there: the Ankle Boot Classic Wood comes with a thin beak and a pipe very softly to match several parts.

Pumps Collection Fall Schutz

There are pumps for all tastes. Classic Elegance Pumps model is available in black and red. Already the model Pumps Stiletto Tannin is more feminine and ideal for occasions during the day. Is available in nude and black color. There is also the half-foot model: Pumps Half Scarlet Paw that has an air retro and let any look more stylish. Is available the color red, black and gray.