Sartoria Rossi Autumn 2013

Posted by admin on September 28, 2016

Sober saturated colors are notoriously steady feature here at our site. Today we wanted to highlight an Italian manufacturer with a slightly different design philosophy. Sartoria Rossi is now combining well-sewn clothing with bold prints and bright colors. Perhaps a much needed element of the darker autumn.

Sartoria Rossi is a relatively unknown company in the Swedish market and focus may not be the most easily sold product type. well-tailored suits with a range of hand torque between 1000-2000 €, there is evidently a market in Sweden but in combination with bright colors and large windows, the Swedish audience directly vanishingly small. Although we like to say almost always favor the more easily borne tones and saturated colors, there is absolutely nothing inspiring in uncompromising life of Sartoria Rossi.

We looked closely at the autumn collection and picked out a few personal favorites.

For more information about prices and products, we recommend a visit to Sartoria Rossi’s Online Shop.


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