Roses and Cold Days, Days of Hiding Behind The Hat (Or Not, to The New Fashion)

Posted by admin on July 16, 2017

Cold days and roses, bloggers become the protagonists of a Blake Edwards modern orders, this time without dramas, without romance between Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, without bottles of means and the Hat as single addiction, a Hat after which covered this winter by city.

Missing under the hat

To go unnoticed, go unknown and disappear among the hustle and bustle of the city nothing better than a wide hat, wide and drooping wing that is securely attached, avoiding the cold, avoid any detail. Kristina Bazan opt for a short coat of Kookai, Cross and with a good thick belt, in contrast to the tartan print capri pants from Zara next to the boots of the same signature, with the metallic tip.

Now the hat is so carried

Even if you want to pass unnoticed Hat you just attracting more glances that ignoring them, moreover, now the Hat is without almost put on the head, the more was better, leaving all the front to the air, with the bangs falling as we see to Anouska Proetta Brandon This Bordeaux model of Whistles Next a Choies miniskirt and a Motel Rocks jacket.

A great detail for all the looks of air retro as of Bonnie Barton that complements your hat with a top that I love Revolve Clothing of Romwe and a Satchel bag in red passion.

The closest thing to the cordoban hat we know, that as in the case of the blogger Steffy, of the firm Urban Outfitters, It takes even more to the limit, not suitable for cold days because fly and will touch you to make a good career behind him, not very comfortable with these platforms of Modcloth.

Maddy Choose a model with a larger Cup, more masculine but with a huge wing, of Parfois, that also combines with a design of Romwe alongside a broad Chictopia, Aztec print cardigan.

In format Bowler Hat There is a more restrained option, that sit very well to Gladys, H & M, especially when combined with this maxi bodice dress with floral detail so vivid as.

No one ignore the Fedora

Even though imposed over excessive fashion, with wide wings and large drinks the Fedora you still have your website in a timeless way. Fedoras as that model looks Josephine van Delden.

Jennifer Grace opt for a look with leather lollipop rock and booties with included tacks.

You must always worship the beret

A beret, with estilazo, combined with more taste, is a detail of which mark class and distinction. Xiaoxi Zhang knows about this. Fan of a whole, the style lady dandy with wide leg trousers of Comme des Garçons and a jacket of Marc Jacobs. Perfect.

Speaking of ‘Days of wine and Roses’, never is worth recalling his trailer, great movie:

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