Roisin Murphy of Gareth Pugh at Paris Fashion Week

If just now spoke when reviewing the collection of Gareth Pugh in the week of fashion in Paris, how their proposals were to see and almost impossible to dress up, for being more artistic than ready to wear, we have the first example of how to wear them.

It comes from the hand of Roisin Murphy, as it could not be otherwise. The British artist we already delighted some (others les appalled) in the week of the fashion of New York with their looks and now see it in Paris, with risk and innovation in dress.

Always has been characterized by bet on these designs and sometimes comes out well the move, and sometimes bad, as it is this case. Gareth Pugh is very talented, but this set is not suitable for the street, It’s not even for the front-row. Roisin Murphy sins of modern, or eccentric on this occasion.