Rihanna Also Is Targeting Fashion Tartan in Form of Blazer

You have said by active and passive, the tartan is the fashion of the season, both that it is coming to saturate before. Okay look the new garment of these months, but also it must be done with some restraint, which then becomes what happens, you all want to get on the train and just as Rihanna, with a bad look.

Apparently, singer should be of the few famous that doesn’t let down here to be aware of how the new fashion, because if not, they would have learned from Mary-Kate Olsen and have not repeated the same failures, which in this case are two: great slackness in the look and little appropriate for her.

The Rihanna style to me I was always disappointed (although People think not the same), because advocates galas more flat located by the store, or at least, to combine them very badly; Despite the fact that there are always exceptions.

On this occasion he returned to be always. From top to bottom, with a hairdo more suited to someone older than her, the maxi sunglasses, and a tartan Blazer well lucid having to be perfect. On the other hand, with the whole of the singer, was shutdown too. Because the bag (of Louis Vuitton), or the Skinny black and shoes, were able to enhance the main article.

I am leaving with show that once gave Diane Kruger.