Recipe for Extending Short Shoes

Hello Hello! How many perfect shoes are in the closet because they make us hurt our feet when they’re tight …

Those days are over! I discovered a recipe that I had to share with you again!

Of course I tried it first. At first it was not easy because I did not have these bags at home. But I improvised, knotted at each end and the result is the same.Nowadays, I have lost count of the many pairs that I was able to “recover”.

The ingredients are:

– 2 plastic bags with zipper.

– Water

Fill the two water bags up to a room.Close the bags and place them inside tight shoes.

Then put the pair of shoes in the freezer until the water is on ice.Then you can take them out and wait 20 minutes.

Once this process is finished, it will be enough to remove the bags, dry the shoes (they will only have a few drops) and that’s it!

But be careful, do not forget the shoes in the freezer!!! (I.e.

If they are skin, just do this exercise once.In the case of imitation skin, you will need to repeat 2 or 3 times until the desired effect is guaranteed.

This tip was a great help to me!! I won 3 new pairs of shoes!I wish you the same luck (or better!!)

After you try it out, tell me how it went.

You can also see the movie, with an example that explains everything … (it’s a shame to be in English)