Punk, ‘Anarchy’ Leather Fashion

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The Punk comes to the Metropolitan Museum of art of New York (known as MET) in the form of exhibition making what was a burst of breaking in a new morsel of culture exhibitions and preserve everything regardless of his speech and origin. Punk was born dead posts to see its purpose, contrary to the formaldehyde of the museums. On the other hand, will now see how is the Centre of the trendy looks in the expected 2013 MET gala red carpet.

SEX, McLaren meets Vivienne Westwood

Punk began as fashion for 39 years until they began to leave the first groups that said break with everything but ironically were complying with a uniform widespread among them. That uniform of leather, air bondage and bad boy pose was marketed in the Boutique SEX.

From 1974 to 1976 Malcom McLaren y Vivienne Westwood they were at the forefront of the business of SEX, a boutique located on the street King’s Road, London; formerly known as ‘Let It Rock’ since 1971. The couple was formed by a pop entrepreneur to the Andy Warhol, appropriating ideas of others and selling them as new and own, and a future British designer seeking to break with the stereotype of what is beautiful and to go to the fetish world.

SEX becomes the flagship store which will wear to the movement, with McLaren with a clear business vision.

Anarchy in the Sex Pistols

Malcom McLaren had a few wards as Warhol had his only Velvet Underground than with an ocean of middle, but there was the beginning of the first real Punk. The Sex Pistols was his name with a young man John Lydon in front of one of the most well-known groups in history. The history of The Clash we leave for another time.

As happened with SEX, the Sex Pistols became the image of the movement. With only three years of life, from 1975 to 1978, they changed music and British culture with their studied statements, his irreverence, using the media to grow through the mockery of the established power and more Frailes society which was in the Sex Pistols other cyclic product decades ago were James Brown and Ray Charles without insult. There was also another Punk.

A (des) neat image, a Lydon become the controversial Johnny Rotten and a brainless Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie) become bassist as ephemeral as the life of the group. The self-destruction of Vicious Nancy Spungen has another side of Punk.

And SEX as the common point, of course. Many of the perpetrators of the subsequent musical scene there come together.

CBGB, the Punk of the United States

Even though seek us to sell punk rock emerged in England the United States are the first dynamite, but not to the brain of marketing called McLaren with a trip to New York remains captivated the pose and the image of the New York Dolls, one of the clearest beginning of this Punk. McLaren had it clear: had to return to their land and export the image of the New York Dolls in a group that lined.

In 1975 McLaren manages to act as manager of the New York Dolls whom Westwood designed a leather costume, they arrive late to the group, but they arrive.

Aside from the NAD (and a thousand more, that no history is so simple) is the CBGB, another club mythified greatly. The CBGB was the SEX of the British Isles only instead of store was a room that once programmed Country and Bluegrass.

Key names of punk rock passed through the scene of that room as Suicide, Television, Patti Smith, Talking Heads, The Ramones, Richard Hell and the Voidoids… A club in which the tiny scene shared friendships, groups and more.

The best Punk was before here and not in Britain (with the exception of The Clash, clear).

Deborah Harry, the Pop icon

Deborah Harry It was the women of Punk as much as Patti Smith also were there. Patti Smith goes beyond Punk, why he stayed with Deborah Harry for change which meant, especially in face of fashion.

The young blonde was the first massive sexual icon of Punk and part of the New Wave in which ended up drifting with your group Blondie. In a scene dominated by Debbie Harry men was worth with his particular voice, his talent, charisma and image.

She managed to convert the Punk, a sound most dirty and unpleasant (for some) as violent, in a danceable Pop on a massive scale. It is equally important that break like so many others. Not to mention his style that influence many designers.

Television and Talking Heads, true Punk style

But Deborah Harry could not have done that with Blondie if had not existed before Television o Talking Heads. They were without real Punk go uniformed by a visionary entrepreneur and a loving bride of the leather fetish.

Anti style of Television and the Talking Heads, who broke with the gleam of the Glam Rock climbing on stage dresses in the most normal way possible, from Street, seems to forget when talking about the “punk style” as fashion. Theirs was a true punk fashion in clothes, the other was a new stereotype sales that being more vivid and attractive finished winning looks of all, displacing the simple image of Tom Verlaine or David Byrne oblivion of the MET and any designer. That simple image does not sell.

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