Prints Arrive At Platforms Flexi

If you like fashion patterned shoes, let me tell you that you are in the right place. In our online catalogue we have different styles of platforms with delicate prints which are here to stay. Keep reading that we will show you some.

Decorated wedge sandals

29601 style and style 29605 of Flexi platforms have a half wedge, lined in fabric printed in a very feminine floral design. It is a fresh line of classic, ideal cut for you who want to show off a casual look without forgetting elegance.

Style 29601 presents two strips Cross and in the Center a small leather strap which unites them. Conforms to the foot by a strap, while the model 29605 has a single strip of smooth color.

In terms of design and comfort, both are an excellent choice. You can combine them with jeans, skirts and dresses. They are perfect for a casual outing, to go to work in the office or for a meeting.

Both style 29601 and style 29605 are ideal for you look longer legs.

Textured platform sandal

Style 44601 which offers Flexi, shows us a few textures Cork-soled women’s shoes. You can see a beautiful ornament with rivets and two straps cross at the front. You can find it in color so and also in black.

Conforms to the ankle by a leather strap that will make your legs look more shapely. These platforms Flexi are perfect to wear with a dress, jeans and even with shorts or Bermuda shorts.

The Flexi shoe stores have the broader catalog in shoes with stamped platforms. Just enter and choose the one you like, so simple!