Primark Lookbook Autumn-Winter

Fashion cheap, that has been the key of Primark. You can find a Basic for 3 euros and some trend that you know what will happen soon, so invest in it very little is also gratifying. With the crisis I think that Primark It is one of the bastions of the fashionistas walking Street and this English chain we can find everything they need for next season.

So show them the lookbook for Autumn-winter 2009/10 so they are checking what can be purchased and fall in love with some designs that probably do not leave them with a huge credit card balance and rather they can purchase with about 60 euros.

The proposal of Primark for next season has several pants harem, skins and leather in some places and a sense more edgy fashion, very different from their past Collections. There are several garments this Lookbook that I already have. You?

Primark It brings us a very 1980s detail: shoulder pads. But n ose scared, because if they see the outfits are not huge shoulder style my crazy from that time at weddingsupplychain, but rather a few aggressive shoulder pads and that mark the figure with a visual effect that decreases the size of the waist. The stamped in yellow dress with touches of brushstrokes or the suit jackets they are an elegant ultra option.

The metallic leggings they are also part of the night rocker look, which is mixed with other metallic clothes and long spandex.

The skin could not be missing. The acinturado wrap reminds me of a vest of Louis Vuitton It took Maggie Gyllenhaal the year passed, as well as to the collection fur coat of Penelope and Mónica Cruz for Mango. If they did one is your chance by only 40 euros.

As I mentioned to the harem pants still, his touch is more sophisticated that the of Summer 2009, in fabrics with more body and eighties curfews remain as in with side ties, the brightness of Fuchsia and mixtures of rocker touches such as studded and metal details.

The dresses There are more night than day. The gleam of spangle or comb it filled with everything giving it a touch of the ball fantastic album. There is even a cut jacket parka that has them.

As for accessories, the studded belts they are the protagonists. The cage sandals and the bands that we saw in Zara for this season are repeated. Ahorap may do his thing in black and forget about the yellow or blue we saw in summer.

Not be you, but my choice would be fur coat, electric blue sequin dress and blouse satin Fuchsia. Everything to make my much more glamorous winter nights spending I only 80 euros.