They say that the Bread & Butter, has not ceased to be a mass market, in which all seen earlier, and that of alternative, had little more than the publicity gimmick.

But as well in the world, still nowadays you can find little things daring and fun, as much I like, which remind us that creativity still part of fashion.

In keeping with the proposals more popi, you’ve been commenting this week, here’s more Monads.
This time it’s the models of the brand potipoti, Yes, just like that bicho-dragon – caballitodemar of the TVE series.

I’ve loved, especially this elephant mascotilla that I find it more attractive, amen to have more personality than many cat that is out there on the loose.

Pity they do not provide information of the new spring/summer collection, although if you look at previous seasons, they promise… we will keep on alert.

Special mention deserve the portfolios of the daddies of the idea:

Silvia Salvador Nando cornejo

If he had not said it, you have virtual store, so everyone look the elephant!