Plus Size Fashion in The Bauru Mall: Autumn/Winter Trends

Last week I participated, along with other bloggers, the new autumn/winter campaign of Bauru. The aim was to show that trends will bombing and invite us to learn the news. To a guy from Bauru and region and do not know, the Bauru Mall has some really nice options for plus size. I actually surprised myself, because I visited stores that had never entered before and got silly with the options. Panning and venturing the shops need, my people, so I’m going to show you the looks that I mounted, according to trends, and tell you a little more each store!

Plus size fashion in the Bauru Mall


The look I chose has everything to do with me, because it leans more to the romantic style. The black and white is super high this fall/winter and to break these classic colors the tip is innovate betting on accessories with colors that can complement the look, like I did. The skirt, shirt and collar are the Roth; the pumps and the bag are the Pensatto. The necklace has a folk style, with Golden aged and Burgundy, that’s why I chose the shoe and purse based on shades of the Necklace: broke that vibe of look “coordinated” and left visual not as romantic, but it’s pretty straightforward. This look is perfect for a night out!

The Roth surprised me a lot because I never imagined that there were so many nice thing for plus size at the store! They have pieces until the EXG, especially cute little dresses. Has several skirts and cool sweaters too. I have to say that I went crazy Accessories: variety is immense and there you will find many belts that serve us. Lo and behold it was there I could find the obi belt that I was looking for more than a year. Not in São Paulo found that blessed that would fit me, but Roth was about four different models and ended up taking two more neutral to use with everything. I was really beige.


Marisa always has beautiful pieces for the plus size and each collection they improve more. I fell head over heels for this long gown, which has everything to do with folk and boho trends that continue super high. The sleeves are flare, which leaves the dress even more beautiful and charming. He is well acinturado, but using a wide belt – as the obi I found on the Roth-the region is even more valued and more defined silhouette. The colors also work station tones: colder and closed blue contrasting with earthy tones. Feet I opted for a sneaker “lace up suede, also from Marisa, that has everything to do with this look. Including this style of footwear is also with everything in this fall/winter and will complement nicely their looks with skirt and dress.


The stripes are in everything, especially in black and white, because as said above, this pair of colors will rule this fall/winter. I insisted on using a look wonderful with horizontal stripes for you take once the head the idea that they get fat. I arranged a leggings with side of synthetic leather with the striped minivest, both of the Program, which is a shop only to plus size. The two pieces are great for stretching! This look is all about the night, with ballad or something more trendy and the best part comes now: combined with a Bootie from Melissa, called Elastic Dance, which is low, super modern and fashion, to ensure your comfort. Who says you need always in high heels? Different footwear, with this modern style, always complement the look with a lot of style. Also chose a mini bag very cute Le Postiche, which is from the collection of Camila Rabbit blogger. The stock market is exciting and has the ideal size to load the necessary when we go out. I’m in love with this production.

I hope you enjoy the looks as much as I do. All the parts that I’m using are found in shops in the Bauru Mall, which has several options for who is plus size. We need to get into the shops, mining and don’t be afraid to ask, because often there are beautiful things for us, but we don’t know why even enter the store. I want to see everyone rocking this fall/winter with a lot of self-esteem, feeling well and without fear of being happy by using what you like!